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Kelly Woo is an experienced writer and editor, specializing in entertainment, media, and careers. She lives in the New York city area. @kellyhwoo

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Ashley Rickards: Keeping the 'Awkward' spirit alive - Entertainment ...

High school kids often dream of getting out of class, but MTV star Ashley Rickards made it come true. The poised 20-year-old star of "Awkward" decided to graduate early -- not to party or evade books, but because she has "a big problem with the education system -- their standardization of one particular type of learning."


Jared Eng: Tween online gossip king - Entertainment News ...

"High School Musical" didn't just create its own insanely successful empire; it helped inspire another one, too. The Disney Channel franchise prompted Jared Eng to build on his popular celebrity gossip website, Just Jared, and begin creating a far-reaching brand.

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The Boondocks

Aaron McGruder's anger comes through loud and clear in this adaptation of his comicstrip into an Adult Swim animated series,...

Open uri20131009 22292 r8oxoz article

The Forbidden Kingdom

Those salivating at the thought of Jet Li and Jackie Chan going mano-a-mano are likely to be among the more...

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The Hansen Jacobson Quartet(Tom Hansen, Craig Jacobson, Jeanne Newman and Steve Warren)

Hansen Jacobson Teller Hoberman Newman Warren & Richman: It's hard to turn on the TV and not see shows that...

Open uri20131009 22292 1l53odf article

The One

The course of true love is anything but smooth -- more like unconvincing, erratic and unresolved -- in "The One."...

Open uri20131106 12772 3zz05x article

The Triple Happiness

A movie star descends upon a middle-class Westchester household in this new play by Brooke Berman, which features Ally Sheedy...

Open uri20131009 1493 55f4 article

True Blood

After a couple of seasons where the show and its mythology have grown increasingly crazy and outlandish, “True Blood” returns...

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Tv and Cable Production Chart Abc Pictures

THE DOROTHY HAJDYS STORY (Lifetime) EXP, Jack Grossbart, Joan Barnett, Joe DiPasquale; DIR, David Burton Morris; CASTING, Rhonda Young (L.A.),...

Open uri20131009 22292 15q4xhk article

TV Review: Megyn Kelly's 'The Kelly File' on Fox News Channel

In advance interviews, Megyn Kelly has insisted that she is "not an ideologue," but rather a news anchor. Yet the...

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Body horror and art are conjoined in this tastefully kinky film; an audacious debut by Lee....


Emmy's salute news

ABC and PBS led all networks with 27 nominations each for the 2004 News and Documentary Emmy Awards, to be...

Open uri20131009 22292 1e454sl article

Film Review: 'Secretly, Greatly'

This tonally dissonant tale of sleeper North Korean agents biding time in a South Korean backwater isn't likely to find...

Open uri20131009 22292 bt58fr article

German Co-prods Woo the World

Germany has long played a significant role in international co-productions, but in recent months clear commercial interests as well as...

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Film Review: 'Snowpiercer'

An enormously ambitious, visually stunning and richly satisfying futuristic epic from the gifted Korean genre director Bong Joon-ho....